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All your social media channels in one overview

The landscape of customer contact can be chaotic. Constantly switching from your Facebook Messenger inbox, to your email inbox, to your Twitter messages. Our tool creates order from chaos. Watermelon Messenger integrates all of your customer service channels to give you a single overview where you can manage all your communications. This way you get all of your Facebook Messenger, Email, Twitter, Livechat and Telegram messages in one inbox.

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Customer Service Software

All available contact info at your fingertips

Add tags to customer conversations or archive a conversation to save it for future reference.

You can also add notes to a conversation. Notes may include an outline of the most salient points of the conservation, for your own reference and your colleagues’.

We’ve made it simple to forward a conversation to a colleague, for example when you don’t know the answer to a question yourself, or when you’re away from the office. 

Assess your message flow

With overall statistics you can measure the total number of messages received and sent by your entire organisation. In addition you can see which are the most popular subjects.

Apart from overall statistics you also get access to statistics per employee to see how many messages they have answered, their average response time and the time spent on conversations.

Customer Service Software
Customer Service Software

All of your conversations at a glance

View all of your employees’ conversations under All conversations. If you’re an administrator, you can see who has picked up which conversations and which conversations are still open, for example because a colleague is away. Forward open conversations to another employee to make sure no query is left unanswered.

Never miss a message

You can receive notifications from any location. We can make sure you never miss another message. You can be notified through the system and our mobile app, or set email notifications.

Customer Service Software
Customer Service Software

Manage your contacts

Details for all customers who have contacted you are listed in your contacts. All of the customer info you’ve collected, including tags and notes, is displayed here. This makes Watermelon a perfect CRM tool to efficiently manage customer relations.

Integrate your own app (September ’17)

Lost in the jungle of customer service channels? We understand exactly where you’re coming from. That’s why, starting this September, we’re adding the option of integrating your own existing app or software with Watermelon Messenger.

We’ll give you access to a little bit of software which enables you to connect your service to Watermelon Messenger. This gives you the power to choose which channels you want to add to Watermelon Messenger!

Customer Service Software

There’s loads of benefits to using Watermelon Messenger!

Start your trial and enjoy the following benefits:

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    Get started in no time

    It only takes 3 minutes to set up Watermelon Messenger and start adding channels.

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    Save time

    Manage all customer queries from one dashboard, instead of having to switch between separate channels.

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    Answer every question

    Never miss a message thanks to Watermelon Messenger notifications and a clear conversation overview.

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    Work smoothly with multiple colleagues

    Work together effortlessly by adding notes to conversations and forwarding them to colleagues.

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    Easily manage contacts

    Use Watermelon as a CRM tool and access all of your customer info at the click of a button.

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    Continual optimisation

    Review your statistics and keep improving your customer service.

Start using Watermelon for free!

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