We are Melons

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We’re ambitious, committed and focused on results. Our driven team and innovative product helps companies across the world make customer service better, fast and more fun. Melons communicate open and honestly, that’s a key part of what makes us successful. We celebrate our success as a team!

Watermelon founded

Launched beta

Launched official product

Thousands of users across Europe

Our values

Teamwork makes the dream work. Every teammate is a Melon, the symbol of our core values.

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Making Customers Happy

The “M” in Melon stands for 'making customers happy'. Watermelon lives for and thanks to our customers - hence why our core value is putting our customers first. Every Melon is dedicated to creating the best chatbot for our customers, each in his or her own ebay. Our Service & Support team is ready to help, and our Product team ensures a productive experience in the Watermelon platform.

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Are you excited? Awesome! Being enthusiastic is our second core value. Melons are excited about coming to work every day and love to share new ideas to improve customer satisfaction with our platform and our service.

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We believe that listening to each other helps to create a fun and fulfilling experience for our customers and for our team. We listen to feedback from our customers - all Watermelon users can share new ideas for features or improvement. We interpret the use cases of companies and seek to create a best-fit solution. Our Melons work closely together to make sure every customer is a happy customer.

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Team Watermelon isn’t afraid of a challenge. It’s important that everyone gets a chance to express himself or herself unabashedly. Creating an open culture means we take the time to listen to each other and encourage honest discussions. Every Melon values open and honest communication, to both colleagues and customers.

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Every Melon has a clear vision and goals associated with realizing that vision. We believe in a fun, respectful and fulfilling work environment. We’re practical, realistic and factual. We keep it simple, don’t withhold information and act inclusively. Keeping a positive attitude influences the whole team when we communicate. Melons treat each other with respect regardless of title or differences of opinion.

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Ready, set, grow!

As a real go-getter Marieke makes her ambitions clear. She quickly grew into a leadership role on the team. Marieke started at Watermelon as a marketer with a plan!

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Results, that’s what counts

As a developer at Watermelon, Thierry is always up for a challenge. The constant improvements, and commitment to excellence always keep Thierry on his toes.

Are you one in a Melon?

Do you think you can add value to our business? Think you might be ready to be a Melon? We’d love to meet you!

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