Conversation Interface

Centralize all your customer contact in one user-friendly conversation interface and work together seamless.
Be there anywhere, anytime for your customers and never let them left unread with Watermelon.

Offer a winning customer experience

The right customer experience is about meeting and exceeding your customer’s expectations. Everybody has their favorite messaging channel. You will see great results if you can offer any channel to satisfy all your customers.


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Be there any time, anywhere

Centralize all customer contact from different channels into one clear overview. With Watermelon, you can add your favorite channel to the dashboard. Be available for your customers on the channels they prefer without having to invest or change your team.

“We don’t have to keep track of so many different apps. The Chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly.”

Jortijn Bijl, Senior marketing manager at AFAS Software

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Product: Conversation Interface
Product: Conversation Interface


High performing team

Set certain roles and teams, any question can directly be forwarded to the right team. Enable your team to decline conversations when they have a queue. Manage your colleagues’ expectations and create a positive collaboration and an optimized workflow.


Chatbot and live-agent unite

With Watermelon’s unique handover your chatbot and live-agents will work together seamlessly. Whenever your chatbot is unfamiliar with the question it will automatically be forwarded to an available agent. Your customers will always get an answer.

“We could provide and manage digital contact with our customers, still staying personal and acting as consultants. That’s exactly what we wanted!”

Maureen van den Bergh, Customer contact employee at BKR

Product: Conversation Interface
Product: Conversation Interface


Know your customers

Personalize your custom fields and truly know your customer, completely automates. Let your chatbot and live-agents fill in the needed information about any customer. With every conversation directly see the history of your customer and provide them with the ultimate experience.

Provide a first-class customer service with Watermelon

Fast service

Minimize response time by working in the most efficient way.

Available anywhere

Carry on a conversation through any channel and be available anywhere.


Centralize and automate your customer and be ready now and for what’s to come.


Do you want to centralize all your customer contact?

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