Code-Free chatbot Builder

Build your chatbot with the code-free chatbot builder from Watermelon. Within five easy steps, your chatbot is live on your website and favorite channels.

Build a chatbot that scores

With Watermelon’s code-free chatbot builder you can easily bring your own digital colleague to live. Add your frequently asked questions or create complex dialogues with the conversational builder. With only one click on the button, your chatbot is live and
ready to start the conversation.


“Watermelon’s interface was clear straight away, we were live within two days!”

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Jortijn Bijl – Senior marketing manager

These companies already automated their customer service with a code-free chatbot:


Automate repetitive questions

Add in the most asked questions to the FAQ. Simply fill in a couple of question variations and the chatbot’s answer. Artificial Intelligence will do the rest. Thanks to machine learning three question variants, the chatbot can answer up to hundreds of questions!

“Building the chatbot is no rocket science with Watermelon, anyone can do this”

Sander Holleman, Chef customer happiness at

Product: Code-free chatbot builder
Product: Code-free chatbot builder


Create complex dialogues

With the conversations, your chatbot can ask follow-up questions to your customer. Lead them exactly where they need to go or retrieve the right information from them!

“If someone wants to change something about their ticket, Kees can for example start the dialogue by asking what the question is about and what ticket the customer is referring to”

Marcel van Loon, CEO at Ticketpoint


Start a personal conversation

Do you think a chatbot cannot start a personal conversation? Think again! With Custom Fields your chatbot will have completely automated personalized conversation with your customers and website visitors.

Product: Code-free chatbot builder
Product: Code-free chatbot builder


Retrieve the right information

Want to automate even more? Retrieve the right information from other systems or fill in the correct information. Do you want to be able to check an order status automatically? No problem with the webhook module.


Let the live-agent step in

With Watermelon, you keep control over the conversations, you decide when a conversation needs a live-agent. Do you want it to be after the chatbot does not know the answer? Or after a certain conversation? Just build it and it will be automatically handed-over to an available live-agent.

“The Chatbot supports the Commercial Team perfectly. When it encounters two unknown questions, the chat will automatically be forwarded to an available employee.”

Jortijn Bijl, Senior marketing manager at AFAS Software

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Product: Code-free chatbot builder

Create the best chatbot with these powerful modules

Watermelon designed these features to create an even better chatbot. You can create personalized conversations and
automate more than ever before!

Multiple choice

Create an easy conversation flow
with multiple choice answers.


Find out whether your customers are
satisfied with your service.


Add PDF files, pictures or GIF’s,
anything to help your customers.


Automatically let your customers
schedule their appointments.


Product: Code-free chatbot builder


Ready, set, go live!

Going live is the most exciting part! With just one simple click of a button, your chatbot is live on your preferred channels. Your customers can start the conversation right away!


Make your chatbot smarter

Any question that could not be answered by the chatbot will become a Mismatch. Add a Mismatch to an existing FAQ or conversation and expand your chatbot’s brain! With Watermelon, you keep the control of your chatbots knowledge and answers. Always provide the service you want to offer.

Product: Code-free chatbot builder

Improve your customer service with a chatbot

24/7 availability

Widen your opening hours with a chatbot and be available day and night.

Reduce calls & mails

Automate frequently asked questions (and more) and reduce your calls and emails.

Save service costs

Improve your workflows and save on manpower with automated conversations.


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