Chatbots for corporate use

How can I use chatbots commercially?

A chatbot is a fully automated chat option which more and more businesses offer on their website. Some chatbots even have names, in which case the website displays: ‘Ask Cindy a question. She’s happy to help.’ Cindy is presented as a helpful, cheerful lady, but actually she’s a robot trying to answer a question based on certain keywords in a query. Chatbots help to lessen the workload of your customer service team. In Watermelon Messenger, a chatbot can be added to answer questions across several customer service channels, including Livechat, Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Questions asked through these channels can be answered simply and directly, without you having to worry about it.

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Chatbots inzetten voor zakelijke klanten

Apart from B2C customers you can also use a chatbot for your corporate clients. Using a chatbot to answer questions from your B2B partners can be even more efficient than email, as corporate clients tend to ask specific questions and provide more relevant details. People contacting you in a personal capacity will tend to make more typing and spelling mistakes, and so are sometimes not understood by a chatbot. But corporate clients usually communicate their wishes more clearly. As a result the chatbot can pick up more quickly on relevant information and will more often provide the correct reply to a query or remark.

When you have a clear idea of the benefits of a chatbot, you can decide to use it to provide online customer service. You can make use your chatbot as intensively as you wish. Use a chatbot only to take care of basic queries, or have it manage your entire customer service. Watermelon Messenger lets you fully integrate a chatbot with your customer service, without you having to go through a lot of trouble to get it up and running. You can use a chatbot on several different channels at once, like Telegram or Facebook Messenger. You decide which channels your chatbot operates on.

Chatbots for corporate use
Chatbots for corporate use

Add a personal touch to your corporate chatbot

When it comes to customer service, it’s important that you’re able to manage your representatives’ behaviour towards your customers. This becomes especially important in the case of B2B communication. That’s why Watermelon Messenger lets you personalise your chatbots up to the smallest details. You get to decide how he or she behaves when talking to your customers. This way, you can make sure your chatbot’s personality fully matches your organisation’s identity. For instance you can set a name, a professional profile picture and the tone-of-voice. You can also optionally add personality traits like hobbies, favourite foods, relatives and lots more.

Apart from personality traits, lots of other aspects of your chatbot are important to its behaviour. For instance, how does it respond to abusive language? Or how does it reply when a customers asks a question it doesn’t understand? All these behaviours your can set yourself by using Watermelon Messenger.

Questions for your chatbot

Before you can start using your chatbot, like any human employee, it needs to learn the ropes. You do this by teaching a chatbot what answers he or she needs to give to certain questions. You can set a variety of questions and answers in different categories. In the beginning, this will mainly include your FAQ. But as your chatbot becomes more experienced at answering questions, it will start to comprehend more types of queries, even tricky or complex ones. You can always keep expanding or tweaking your chatbot’s database. By teaching your chatbot, it gets better at helping customers. You write the answers, giving you full control of how your chatbot behaves towards your customers.

Chatbots for corporate use

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