Chatbots for Companies

Using chatbots for companies

A chatbot is a ‘talking computer programme’. Chat in the sense of talking, and ‘bot’ being short for robot. A lot of mainly large corporates use chatbots to conduct conversations with customers. This means they don’t have to use ‘real’ representatives. Chatbots have no trouble answering frequently asked questions. The chatbot is programmed to understand what customers are saying, even when the text doesn’t correspond word-for-word to that in its system. For example, should a customer ask ‘What are your opening times’ the chatbot will understand just as  ‘opening hours Saturday?’.

By using a chatbot you can save valuable time otherwise spent on your customer service. That’s why more companies are choosing to use a chatbot every day.

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Chatbots for Companies

Benefits of using a chatbot

Using a chatbot has many benefits. Most importantly, a chatbot is always available. Suppose a customer wants to know how to return their order at 3AM. At that time in the morning most companies won’t have a ‘live’ employee online to answer their question. By using a chatbot your customer can get an answer right away. This is a lot faster than the reply time by email. Because most people are a little lazy, they prefer getting their question answered right now to having to look it up in your online FAQ themselves. Being able to ask a question directly and getting a reply immediately is a big plus for them and you.
 By using a chatbot you can make this possible without any trouble.

Another benefit: when your customer asks the chatbot a question, it is able to provide additional useful information. For example, letting customers know there’s a sale starting on women’s clothing next week. Or that you have a special anniversary offer.  Customers appreciate a personal approach when it comes to sharing this kind of information. They can get the feeling they’re talking to another person, especially if your bot has a sense of humor.

Watermelon Messenger lets you connect your chatbot to your regular customer service channels. This lets you save time and money where customer service is concerned, while making sure your customers get the help they need as quickly as possible. You can use your chatbot on channels like Facebook Messenger, Livechat and Telegram.

Set questions and answers yourself

With Watermelon Messenger’s chatbot you control the questions and answers a chatbot deals with. Just like any new employee, your chatbot will have to learn the ropes first. We’ve made this process simple and fun.  You teach your chatbot which questions he or she should answer by setting questions and answers during the setup process. Starting out with more straightforward questions (usually FAQ), your chatbot will keep learning to recognise and answer more – and more complex – questions.

The more a chatbot learns, the better it is able to help your customers. By gradually explanding your chatbot’s knowledge through adding new questions or tweaking existing ones, you can automate up to 85% of your customer service. You formulate your chatbot’s answers, giving you control of the tone and manner of your customer contact.

Chatbots for Companies
Chatbots for Companies

Improving your chatbot through training sessions

Once you’ve added a range of questions and answers, you’re nearly there… Going online with your bot! But before you turn on your chatbot, we recommend rigorous testing. By testing your chatbot, you are training it. During the test you chat with your bot for an unlimited time, to check whether he or she is getting what you’re saying and providing the correct answers. Try asking your chatbot anything, because this is the best way of finding out how well they are doing. Is your chatbot not always responding in the right way? Then you still have the chance of tweaking answers and questions, until your chatbot gets it right. Once you are happy with your chatbot’s functionality, you can turn it on and go live!

The personal touch

Nothing feels better than being helped by someone who understands your feelings and cares about your position. This is important for a chatbot, too. Your chatbots needs to approach your customers in an agreeable and appropriate way, just like a human customer service representative would. Watermelon Messenger lets you personalise your chatbot. You get to decide who your chatbot is. For example, you can name your chatbot and choose a profile picture. You can also give it personal traits like hobbies, favourite foods and favourite movies.

Apart from these personality traits you can determine more important aspects of your chatbot’s personality and behaviour. For instance how it reacts to offensive language, or how it responds when a customer asks something it doesn’t understand. You determine every aspect of your chatbot’s personality, to make sure it fully matches the identity of your organisation.

Chatbots for Companies

Companies using chatbots

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