Chatbots as Part of your Customer Service

Using chatbots as part of your customer service

More and more businesses are using chatbots to take over part of their customer service from physical representatives. Chatbots have no trouble answering frequently asked questions. This means your employees won’t have to bother with questions like ‘What does this item cost?’ or ‘What are your shipping fees?’ These kinds of questions can safely be left to a chatbot. On top of that, chatbots never lose patience and have no trouble answering the same question dozens of times over. However, using a chatbot doesn’t mean you no longer need a human-operated customer service department.

But a chatbot can save you time and expenses, because it can take over a significant part of your customer service tasks.  In Watermelon Messenger you can even integrate your chatbot with Facebook Messenger, Telegram and email. This means not only your representatives, but the chatbot too can take care of multiple customer service channels from one dashboard.

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How does a customer service chatbot work?

First, you add your customer service channels like Telegram, email, Livechat and Facebook  to Watermelon Messenger. This means you’ll get all of your incoming messages in one inbox. Now you’re ready to start using a customer service chatbot. Customers can then talk to your chatbot on all of the channels you’ve added. The only exception being email, which unfortunately cannot be automated at this time. You can set your chatbot to answer all customer questions, without the intervention of a support employee. This way you can automate up to 85% of your customer service using the chatbot. 


Chatbots as Part of your Customer Service
Chatbots as Part of your Customer Service

Personalising your chatbot

The development of intelligent self-learning chatbots is advancing quickly. At the moment, you still need to train your chatbot to make it a versatile conversation partner. You can add questions along with the appropriate answers to your chatbot’s database, and you can teach it to recognise variations on the same question. This might take a little time, but you will earn it back later – with interest.  

Configuring your chatbot yourself has the added benefit of tailoring the bot to your individual needs. You can give your chatbot a unique feel by giving him or her a name and a distinct personality. You can personalise your chatbot to the point of setting its favourite colour and hobbies. This way your chatbot will feel more like an equal conversation partner. 

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A chatbot cannot replace your entire customer service department

Always keep in mind that a chatbot can’t replace all of your customer service representatives. There will always be questions complex and specific enough to need a human touch. Apart from that a business will always have customers and website visitors who prefer not to talk to a chatbot. Especially dissatisfied customers usually prefer talking to a real person to express their grievances. So always keep representatives on standby to answer incoming messages.

Chatbots as Part of your Customer Service
Chatbots as Part of your Customer Service

Use chatbots on multiple customer service channels

Especially when it comes to answering frequently asked questions, which tend to make up the bulk of your workload, chatbots are ideal. Input a question, and they are good at filtering what the customer needs to know and providing an adequate answer. Your customer will be pleased at getting an answer to their question so quickly, which might have taken more time by phone or email. On top of this Watermelon Messenger allows you to add multiple channels to your chatbot, so it can take up almost any query. Messages coming in via Telegram or Facebook Messenger can be immediately answered by your chatbot. 

Customers using chatbots as part of their customer service

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