Your digital travel specialist:
a chatbot from Watermelon

Automate complex dialog and instantly answer
all frequently asked travel questions!

Your chatbot advises on sales, destinations and accommodations

With an intelligent algorithm and the right information, the chatbot can give personal, custom advice - answering questions about destinations, prices or availability, and even details about child-friendly amenities or wheelchair accessibility. 

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Your chatbot knows hotel partner availability 24 hours a day

The chatbot instantly knows which hotels still have rooms. Increase conversion by integrating your systems and instantly provide the right information. 

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Your digital travel specialist can answer countless questions about new destinations

Clients who are currently traveling also have questions to be answered! Create a chatbot for your most popular destinations to offer practical tips, little-known facts or travel information. 

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Use our platform to build a comprehensive chatbot that can answer endless questions.
If your chatbot isn't able to answer a question, the conversation is transferred to an employee so your chatbot can learn the answer for next time

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