Chatbots For Customer Service

How does a chatbot work?

Companies spend a lot of time on customer service, especially now that Facebook Messenger, email and apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. All those messages need to be read, assessed and answered if necessary. For some companies this means entire departments operating full-time. But you can answer part of the questions asked by customers in a different way – by using a chatbot for customer service! A chatbot saves your customer service department time and money.

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Chatbots For Customer Service

More companies opt for chatbots

Increasingly companies see the advantages of using a chatbot to take care of a significant part of their customer service. And though there will always be a group of people who don’t like to chat with a robot, for the majority of visitors to your website this won’t pose a problem. You can have the chatbot answer most questions without the customer needing to search your website for an answer themselves. Moreover, a chatbot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your chatbot keeps learning

All of your chatbot’s conversations are logged. This lets you see if certain questions are asked more often than others, or if customers talking to the chatbot get stuck on certain questions which the chatbot can’t answer.

Based on this feedback, you can tweak your chatbot or improve the information on your website. Additionally, by collecting data from the questions it is asked, your chatbot keeps learning independently and continually improves itself.

It is also possible to test your chatbot yourself. You can start an unlimited chat in our sandbox to check whether he or she answers questions correctly. Does your chatbot fail to give the right answer? Then you can change, add and tweak your questions and answers, until your chatbot gets it right. Only when you’re a hundred percent satisfied with your chatbot’s functionality, you can turn it on and go live!

Chatbots For Customer Service
Chatbots For Customer Service

Let your chatbot handle multiple channels

Watermelon Messenger lets you use a chatbot operated customer service in combination with, among others, Facebook Messenger, Livechat and Telegram.
 Nowadays, your customers are online on lots of different social channels, that’s why using your chatbot on multiple channels gives you an advantage. You decide which channels you want your chatbot to take care of.

Nowadays queries increasingly come in through Facebook Messenger. Adding Facebook Messenger to your chatbot is essential. With Watermelon Messenger you are guaranteed to get a specialised, reliable and personalised chatbot. Use only one chatbot for all your channels!

Questions your chatbot can’t answer? Don’t panic!

It can be bothersome when a chatbot doesn’t know the answer to a customer’s question. This happens most often after you’ve just started using your chatbot, and could mean customers don’t get the help they need. But luckily, we’ve come up with a solution for this issue! To make sure your customer gets the best possible help, whenever a chatbot doesn’t know the answer the conversation will get forwarded to an employee. This prevents questions going unanswered, and ensures your customer gets the help they need.

A chatbot can take care of an unlimited number of queries simultaneously. This leaves customer service representatives with more time to deal with trick or complex questions. Only when a chatbot can’t figure it out does the chat get forwarded to an employee. Of course, your chatbot does learn from the answers given by your employees. It will get it right next time!

Chatbots For Customer Service

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