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The complete chatbot for your internal communications

You can, of course, use our chatbot for your external conversations with customers, but did you know our chatbot can also efficiently handle your internal communications? Your chatbot can easily answer questions from brand new, but also more experienced employees. This leaves your HR department free to attend to other matters. Use a chatbot to help your employees find the information they need and turn your chatbot into a company compendium!

HR Assistant

Turn your chatbot into a real HR assistant by letting it serve as a company database for your employees. Would your colleagues like to know how many vacation days they have left, or do they need to review their overtime hours? Your chatbot is the new primary contact for your employees. Because of this new HR assistant, your current HR employees will have  plenty of time to focus on more complicated HR-related tasks.

The complete chatbot for your internal communications
The complete chatbot for your internal communications


New employees can be trained more efficiëntly with the help of a chatbot, because it can easily answer any beginner’s questions relating to the daily routine of your organisation. They have one primary contact for all of their initial questions. Should a more complicated issue arise, then new employees will know to turn to a colleague at HR. It’s also a big plus for new colleagues to have all the answers to their questions in writing, to save for later review.

Connect to your internal software

Add your chatbot to your organisation’s existing internal software. Whether it’s Slack, Facebook at Work, Microsoft Team, Yammer or another type of communications software, you can add your chatbot to any software programme you can think of. Simply connecting your chatbot to your existing software means your employees won’t have to get used to a new system. A familiar environment, but with a big new plus: the chatbot!

The complete chatbot for your internal communications

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