The Watermelon Chatbot – one Chatbot for all channels

Create your own bot with the most user friendly Chatbot Management Platform. Find out how a Chatbot and/or suggestion bot could optimise your customer service. Give your customer service a boost with Watermelon’s software!

<h1>The Watermelon chatbot – one chatbot for all channels</h1>

One Chatbot for all your channels!

Help your customers better AND faster with the Watermelon Chatbot and/or suggestion bot! Use our fully personalised Chatbot on your website or most popular channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. The AI-powered suggestion bot provides suggested answers so your customer service employees can react even more quickly. Read more below about the features, possibilities and how you can make the most of our Chatbot and suggestion bot for your company!

The difference between a Chatbot and a suggestion bot

Watermelon allows you to use a Chatbot and/or a suggestion bot for customer service. A Chatbot automatically picks up incoming messages and answers customer questions. A suggestion bot doesn’t have conversations with your customers, but provides suggested answers to frequently asked questions for your employees so they can answer these questions quickly and accurately.

<h1>The Watermelon chatbot – one chatbot for all channels</h1>
<h1>The Watermelon chatbot – one chatbot for all channels</h1>

Onboarding with yout Chatbot

Using the suggestion bot allows new employees to start answering customer questions right away, without needing training first. Since the suggestion bot provides suggested answers, the employee learns the correct answers to the most frequently asked questions. The new employee doesn’t only learn more quickly, it saves time since another employee doesn’t need to spend as much time training the newbie.

Create your own Chatbot personality

When a customer service employee is speaking on behalf of your organisation, you want to influence how he or she interacts with your customers. The Watermelon Chatbot can be personalised to determine its identity and personality so it fits in with your organisation. Think about adding a name and a face, as well as hobbies, favorite foods, family and many more personal traits.

Besides personality traits, you can specify how your Chatbot reacts to curse words or if it doesn’t understand a question. With Watermelon you can determine this yourself!

<h1>The Watermelon chatbot – one chatbot for all channels</h1>

Features as the foundation for a power-Chatbot!

Spend less time on standard questions and spend your time on customers who require a more personal approach.

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    Put down all the questions the Chatbot might be asked in our dashboard.

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    Create complex dialogues for your Chatbot by asking your customers follow-up questions.

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    Gain insight into the conversations and discover the points for improvement for your company.

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    Easy to manage

    Get started with your Chabot in no time! Our software is very user friendly.

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    Artificial intelligence

    Due to the AI based software the Chatbot learns variations on questions. By adding knowledge to your Chatbot he or she wil become smarter everyday!

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    CRM integratie

    By integrating your CRM you will have all your conversations and data conveniently in one place.

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