Use your chatbot as an HR assistant

Automate time consuming standard processes in your HR department
and save time for strategy and optimisation 

The chatbot can easily answer
simple questions about things like
remaining vacation days 

Data-specific answers

The chatbot instantly answers FAQ
like 'What's the HR policy
about sick days?'

Automate questions about HR policy

Let the chatbot automatically create a leave request and update the status as it's approved, in process or denied 

Process transactions

What can Watermelon do for you?

Our chatbot platform allows you to improve processes, relieve pressure from your
HR team and better understand the needs of employees in your organisation


Increase satisfaction with HR

Our hybrid model allows questions that the chatbot can't answer to be automatically sent to an HR employee. 

Werk naadloos met je chatbot samen -Watermelon

Add frequently asked questions that your chatbot can easily answer 

Everybody can work with Watermelon, you don't need special technology or IT training


Integrate Watermelon in your workflow - let the chatbot send documents and data to employees

Your chatbot learns the variations in questions and gets smarter every day

Design conversaties 

that your chatbot can have
with employees

Discover how to improve your HR team's communication

Watermelon has special features
for HR chatbots

Give your team more time for the
really important stuff

FAQ module

Workflow integration



Easy to manage

Artificial intelligence

workflow-integratie Watermelon

Get started now:
improve your HR processes in just five minutes 

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Increase customer satisfaction

Available 24/7

Reduce calls and emails

Improve customer service

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