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Create your chatbot without writing a single line of code. Build and train your chatbot in Watermelon and then publish it to all your channels.


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No-code chatbot

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“The Watermelon interface was easy to use and we saw results immediately: we went live in two days!“

Jortijn Bijl - Senior Marketing Manager, Afas Software


Easy-to-use chatbot builder

Create a chatbot without coding

Add your frequently asked questions or create complex conversations with the chatbot builder. Publish your chatbot in a single click - the chatbot AI means your chatbot is ready to start having conversations right away.

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Increase your availability

Publish your chatbot on your most popular channels

Watermelon allows you to connect your chatbot to your website, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You won’t miss a single question!







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PlaceholderLogo of the municipality of Oss
  • 90.000 civilians supported
  • Civil panel enthusiastic

The municipality of Oss makes big steps towards innovation in a short duration. Not only are over 900 citizens enthusiastic about the recent innovations, the employees of the municipality are also keen to work in their new work environment.

PlaceholderLogo of AFAS Software
  • Live within two days
  • Customer contact automated on WhatsApp

Chatbot Nicole supports the Commercial Team at AFAS by automating customer contact and generating leads. A quick implementation ensured quite a few new insights in AFAS’ customer contact.

PlaceholderLogo of Hunter Douglas
  • 5 leads a week thanks to chatbot Lilly
  • CRM system integrated with the chatbot

Chatbot Lilly supports website visitors by matching up them with the right products and dealers. By interlinking the CRM system of Luxaflex® with chatbot Lilly, the Sales department gets to work as efficiently as possible.

PlaceholderLogo of BKR
  • 300 chatbot conversations a day
  • 75 percent of conversations are directly handled by the chatbot

BKR drives the road of digitalisation by implementing their customer service chatbot. The chatbot handles all FAQ’s while staying personal.

PlaceholderLogo of Lab21
  • Thanks to the chatbot, Lab21 saves 60 service hours a month
  • 90 percent of customer queries are handled by the chatbot

Thanks to chatbot Floor, there is faster and better communication between Lab21 and their customers. Goals and achievements are being monitored thanks to extensive statistics. Thanks to chatbot Floor it’s a win-win!

PlaceholderLogo of Nummereen
  • Customer service via WhatsApp
  • 70 percent directly handled by the chatbot

Besides offering the best service on the website of Nummereen, chatbot Robin also handles customer queries on WhatsApp! No query is left unseen and Nummereen is completely ready for the future!

Read all success stories

Watermelon scores an average of 4.5 / 5 from 60 reviews.

chatbot building

Detailed analytics

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your service

Analyze your service team’s performance with detailed statistics presented in an overview. Among other stats, you can find out the average wait time customers are experiencing and the channels they use most often to contact your company. Use data to power your decision-making and guide your team.

chatbot building

A hybrid approach to collaboration

An efficient partnership between your chatbot and live agents

Automatically transfer conversations to live agents when your chatbot is unable to answer. Work together efficiently to deliver an excellent customer service experience.

Manage customer conversations and deliver an exceptional service experience with your team

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