Optimise your digital processes
with a Watermelon chatbot

Give your customer or lead an instant, consistent answer to frequently asked questions. It's easy to train, maintain and optimise your chatbot.

Instant answers to frequently asked questions

Streamline the service process and decrease waiting times: use a chatbot to respond to frequently asked questions immediately. If the chatbot can't answer the insurance or banking-related question, the conversation is automatically transferred to an available human employee. 

Watermelon software

Automate typical transactions

Many transactions can be easily automated. Your Watermelon chatbot can consistently and easily complete these transactions. This saves your employees time and increases the speed with which your customers are helped!


Digital dossiers and 24/7 advice

Be available 24/7 to answer questions or complaints. Lead customers through a clear series of steps, provide advice or links to forms or documentation for claims. 


Our platform makes it easy to build a chatbot - no coding required -
to answer an infinite number of questions from customers.
See how simple it is to set up, train, test and maintain your chatbot.

Discover the power of Watermelon!

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Increase customer satisfaction

Available 24/7

Reduce calls and emails

Improve customer service

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