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Chat software has developed at an enormous rate. Not too long ago, we were exclusively available on MSN. Now, media like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Snapchat are always at our fingertips. Snapchat lets us communicate through images, and we can send voice messages through WhatsApp. In other words, chat software means a lot more than just sending text messages!

Using Watermelon Messenger’s chat software

Chat software is a user friendly way to provide customer service. By integrating a chat option on your website, customers can send you text messages, images or voice messages whenever they have a problem, and quickly get the help they need.  This chat service is available on PC, phone or tablet, so wherever your customers are, your customer service is always available.

To make sure your chat service functions optimally as a part of your business, your company will need to take action. For example, you can offer your customers a garantueed reply to their chat messages within 2 hours – including messages received outside office hours. To use your chat service successfully, you need to meet the expectations customers now have based on other chat media. This way, chat can be a successful and customer friendly addition to your business!

Chat Software

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