Organising Chaotic Customer Service

Fixing disorganised customer service 

Your company’s customer service needs to be well organised. If customers are kept waiting too long for an answer, they’re bound to feel frustrated. The same thing happens when customers are kept waiting on hold for what feels like an eternity before they get to talk to a representative. A lot of problems can be prevented by efficiently organising your customer service and integrating the different customer service channels you’re using. This way you can resolve a lot of problems resulting from chaotic customer service!

Create order and keep track

Make sure that you always keep track of all incoming messages. Even if messages are coming in on different channels. Of course it’s great to have a Facebook Page and a Twitter and Instagram account. But if you never respond to messages, or respond much too late, you won’t get much from using these channels. People will stop reaching out because they are not getting their answers. If you give customers or website visitors the option to contact you through different channels, you have to make sure that they actually get a response – especially if they’re asking a question or are dissatisfied with something.

If you want your customer service to function optimally, you need to avoid ending up with a mess. If you lose track of everything that’s going on, messages end up going unanswered and before you know it you’re flooded with complaints. And shaking off a bad online reputation isn’t easy. With Watermelon Messenger you can easily keep track – and create order from chaos! The Watermelon Messenger dashboard lets you combine the different customer service channels you’re using. This means you can see all new incoming messages at a glance. You can also label messages, forward them to employees or add notes for future reference. This means you’ve always got things under control.

Organising Chaotic Customer Service

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