With Watermelon Messenger you can integrate all of your customer service channels into one dashboard, collecting all of your customer contacts in a single overview. By using multiple channels, your customers can find you a lot more easily. Your customer can choose through which channel he or she contacts your organisation, and you receive all of their messages, no matter the channel, in one dashboard.

Which channels offer the best option for your organisation? Read on to discover the benefits of different channels, and learn which ones you should be using for your customer contact!

Facebook Messenger

Its millions of active users make Facebook Messenger one of the most popular chat applications of today. Use Facebook Messenger for your customer service to provide faster help to customers.

The main benefits of contact through Facebok Messenger are that it’s quick, accessible and easy to use. Customers can reach out from anywhere and at any time. Apart from these, use of Facebook Messenger is completely free.

Never bother again with long e-mails and endless waiting on hold, because Facebook Messenger is very user friendly. All messages are simply displayed in a vertical menu. By answering customer questions through Facebook using Watermelon Messenger, you can also easily see which queries are still open and who’s still waiting for your help.



Emailing is the second most popular way to contact a business, with phone calls still in first place. Try to name a single company that doesn’t have an email address. Good online customer service is essential. Make sure customers walk away with a positive experience, and they could become the best ambassadors of your brand. So what are the requirements? First and foremost, meeting your customers’ wishes, like being available on the channels of your customers’ choice: email.

The main benefit of email is that both you and the customer always have a record of everything that has been discussed. You both have the same information which you can always fall back on. This means the chance of miscommunication is kept to a minimum, as opposed to chat conversations, where there’s always a chance the conversation cannot be saved, or can only be saved in a roundabout way.

In Watermelon Messenger, emails are displayed in the same way as a chat history. This means your message history is clearly displayed and prevents drawn-out or messy email conversations. Because of the archive any conversation is easily retrieved.


Do you want to be able to help potential customers when they visit your website? Livechat is an accessible way for your customers to talk to you, without having to take too much trouble. Whenever they visit your website, they only have to click the chat icon and they can ask away. This is an easy way of offering live customer support by answering their questions directly.

By offering potential customers an extra means of communication which is easy to use, you extend your customer contact. Quick and easy contact adds value for the customer, building customer loyalty.

Watermelon Messenger offers customers the option to send a chat conversation to themselves, so that they, too, know exactly what has been agreed on and don’t lose the conversation! From Watermelon Messenger, you can switch quickly between conversations and take care of multiple chats at the same time. Help your customer quickly and efficiently. For example, you can help them the moment they are about to make a purchase through your website to increase conversion!



Telegram is also known as WhatsApp’s largest competitior.  In februari 2016, the app reports over a 100 million monthly recurring users, and according to the chat service the number of users is growing at a rate of 350.000 users a day.

Telegram offers the option of editing messages after sending. Made a typo because you were trying to help your customer as quickly as possible? Now it’s easily corrected, keeping you looking professional! To prevent any problems or confusion, the word ‘edited’ always appears in the word balloon of any message that has been rewritten.

In addition, customers experience contact through a messaging service like Telegram as more personal and customer friendly. As a customer, you feel like you’re talking to an individual rather than to a company (which is true anyhow) and representatives make a friendlier impression. Perhaps an added benefit to having a written conversation. Another benefit is you can search for each other by user name. Added to the fact that a lot of customers feel more comfortable not giving away their telephone number.


Twitter is a popular customer service channel and this means that if you have a Twitter account, customers will expect to be able to ask you questions on Twitter. Anticipating this, Twitter has launched a number of new features. You can now even display the ‘opening hours’ for your customer service department on Twitter. This means you can easily guide customer expectations.

In Watermelon Messenger, you can choose whether you only wish to receive direct messages, or whether you’d like to be able to answer all mentions from the dashboard. This way you can make sure not to miss a single message, and you can set the dashboard according to your own preferences.


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