Basic Features

After creating your account, it takes only a couple of minutes to start helping your customers. In a few easy steps, add users and connect your channels. After this, you can immediately start answering your customer queries in Watermelon Messenger. But which features does our dashboard provide? Read on to learn more about the basic options available with all of our plans!

Multiple Users

Manage channels you’ve connected to Watermelon Messenger with multiple customer service agents simultaneously. Create multiple users from the dashboard. All of these users can use the dashboard at the same time to answer your customers’ questions. 

All new incoming conversations are displayed in the dashboard under New conversations. Incoming conversations can be viewed by all users.  By simply clicking the type bar in the message you can take up the conversation. The conversation is then moved to My conversations.  As soon as a conversation is moved to My conversations, it can only be viewed and replied to by the user it has been assigned to.

Basic Features
Basic Features

Uploading Files

During a conversation, easily upload files to send your customer a video, image or other file type. This option will definitely come in handy, if only because a picture or video can often show in a few seconds what might otherwise take ages to explain. You can also receive any file type through the dashboard. All your files are saved 100% securely, and can be accessed only by you. 


Never miss a message with notifications. The WebApp, desktop app, iOs app and Android app will notify you when you have a new message. So you can stop worrying about checking your screen, because you’ll always receive a notification the minute a customer has a new question for you. 

Receive notifications at any time, whether you’re on the road or working elsewhere. This way you can always pick up a conversation and provide the fastest service to your customers!

Basic Features
Basic Features


Watermelon Messenger supports the use of emoji’s. We love emoji’s, and so do your customers! 😉 You can use an emoji by selecting it. Sometimes, getting the tone right can be tricky, but by using emoji’s you can prevent your customer from misinterpreting your message. This way you can keep everyone smiling! 

Blue Checkmarks Coming-soon-groot

When you’re talking to a customer who’s using Facebook Messenger, just like in Facebook Messenger, you’ll notice blue checkmarks next to the messages. 

The Watermelon Dashboard uses three types of checkmarks: a circle for a sent message (empty with a checkmark in it), a circle for a successfully delivered message (coloured in, with a checkmark), and one for a message that has been read by the recipient (circle with customer’s profile picture). 

This way you know exactly when a message has been sent, delivered and read!

Basic Features

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