Additional Features

In addition to our basic features, the Vegetable Garden and Greenhouse plans also provide access to additional features. You will receive access to the archive, be able to add tags and notes, access contacts, send bulk messages and much more. Read here which additional features the Vegetable Garden and Greenhouse plans provide! 

Archive Coming-soon-groot

Once a conversation is finished, you can archive it to keep your dashboard organised. If a customer contacts you again, all earlier conversations with the customer will be shown on the right side of the screen, so you always know exactly what has been discussed before.  

Emailing with a customer who previously contacted you through Facebook Messenger? The earlier conversation will still show up in the archive, as the conversations can be connected easily. All customer data is displayed here. 

Additional Features
Additional Features

Tags and Notes Coming-soon-groot

Tags can be attached to the conservation. As administrator you can create tags, for instance to describe the conversation subject. Examples are refunds or complaints. To prevent users from creating double tags, only administrators can create tags. Users can only add preset tags to a conversation. When clicking the button the existing tags pop up and users can decide which apply to the conversation.

Another possibility is making notes. Notes may include an outline of the most salient points of the conservation for your own reference and your colleagues’. If a customer contacts you again, notes will help you find important information. 

Accessing Contacts Coming-soon-groot

All customers that have contacted your organisation are listed under my contacts. Here you can easily find all contact details and conversations in the archive. Here, you can also connect conversations you’ve had through different channels with a specific customer. 

In addition you can start a new conversation from my contacts. This can only be done on the channels through which the customer has contacted your company before. The search function in my contacts quickly provides you with all necessary information. 

Additional Features
Additional Features

Search Coming-soon-groot

The search function allows you to search the archive, all your contacts and current conversations for a word, sentence or person. You can also easily locate documents that you have sent or received. 

Every file that you send or receive will be saved in Watermelon’s database and directly added to the search function at the top of the screen.

Sending Bulk Messages Coming-soon-groot

In the future you will also be able to send bulk messages to your customers. This is an ideal option if you’re looking to reach a large group of customers at once, for instance during a special promotion or holiday. It saves a lot of time as you will not have to send messages to each customer separately. 

Additional Features
Additional Features

Out of Office Coming-soon-groot

Customers expect a quick reply. Whenever you are not available, it might be useful to let your customers know. If you are not working, you can set an automatic message which will be received by all customers looking to contact you. This message allows you to set the dates and times you are working, so customers know when they can expect a reply from you. 

The account administrator can create and turn on these messages. The Out of Office messages can be set for specific days, saving you a lot of time!

Multi Company Coming-soon-groot

The Multi Company function allows you to connect different dashboards to one main dashboard. Do you have several companies, and have you created a separate account for each one? This function helps you to connect all dashboards and allows users to work on different dashboards. 

The user is able to switch between dashboards and easily attend to customers of different companies. 

Additional Features

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