Our mission is to bring 9-5 to 24/7

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Watermelon was founded in Utrecht (September 2016) by Alexander Wijninga and Charl Haas to make customer service better and easier, for both the customer service employee and the customer. Together with their experienced team of 10+ employees they deliver a very successful platform for customer service (and sales) teams.

Watermelon helps over 100 companies  to improve or innovate their customer service and/or sales processes. The company’s ambition is to assist customer service teams worldwide to provide the best and most efficient service experience.

Our mission

The economy continues to focus on speed and instant gratification. You can immediately listen to your favorite songs on Spotify, or book a last-minute vacation in a few clicks with Cheaptickets. It no longer matters whether or not the company is open, what time of day it is, or where you are in the world. Companies are losing control over what happens and when their customers are active. This can be a disaster for a customer service team that’s only available from 9 – 5 getting bombarded with questions or concerns.

With Watermelon technology, you can future-proof your customer service team and ensure they can operate 24/7. Use Watermelon to create an intelligent digital employee who is always online, doesn’t take a holiday and knows everything your service team employees know. This gives some control back to your organisation, and can help to provide millions of people worldwide with the type of customer service experience they’d expect in  2020.

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