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Build your own digital colleague in 5 easy steps. Respond immediately and 24/7 to customer questions and create unique contact moments. Add a Watermelon chatbot to your team today!


Easily automate customer service

Get Watermelon to start using a smart Chatbot that can respond to customers 24/7. Think of it as a digital team member that never gets sick or takes a vacation. Your Chatbot will automatically transfer the conversation to an available employee when the customer requests it. Use a Chatbot for the following business objectives: increase conversion, relieve pressure from service team, avoid extra manpower and increase 24/7 accessibility.


Connect all your channels

Connect Watermelon to the most popular social media channels and your own website. Our software will walk you through the process step by step. Your new digital team member can get to work right away.

All chats in one clear dashboard

Our Chatbot Management Platform shows you all incoming chats in one dashboard. The dashboard shows all incoming messages from all your channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and/or CXHub. This includes both chatbot conversations, as well as conversations being had by employees. Your team is working from one window, meaning you can respond quicker and more efficiently.


Easy to use, build and publish today

We get it, not everyone’s a programmer. When you build a chatbot with Watermelon, you don’t need to do any coding! Create your own digital colleague in 5 easy steps! Publish your chatbot online in just a few minutes. The Watermelon dashboard is set up so you can add knowledge to your chatbot by filling in questions and and answers as text. It’s never been easier to build and publish your own custom chatbot!

Improving customer service together

Hundreds of companies in the Netherlands already use Watermelon.

ALD automotive

ALD uses their chatbot to help customers with questions about their lease car. For example, the chatbot can schedule appointments for changing tires, reporting damage and giving information about their lease contract.


Domino’s uses their chatbot to support visitors in ordering their pizza.


PepsiCo uses their HR chatbot to support employees with the onboarding of new colleagues and to help them with HR related questions.

Hunter Douglas

De chatbot helpt klanten wegwijs maken in de verschillende producten die worden aangeboden op de website. Daarmee worden klanten efficiënter geholpen en wordt de digitale klantenservice verder geoptimaliseerd.


The HAN Chatbot is used to help new and current students to answer their frequently asked questions. uses the Chatbot to be available 24/7 for their customers.

Willems Gerechtsdeurwaarders & Incassobureau

Willems Gerechtsdeurwaarders & Incassobureau uses their Chatbot to be available 24/7 for their contacts such as debtors, clients and leads.


The purpose of the BKR chatbot is to improve the customer experience and to professionalize the development of their employees.


Surfspot uses the Chatbot for product support and the stimulation of extra sales.


VGZ uses the Chatbot to directly and adequately answer customers' frequently asked questions.


The Chatbot is used to reduce the pressure on the Customer Support employees so they have more time for important customer contact.


The Chatbot of Neostrada will be used to answer general customer questions. Therefore, employees can spend more time dealing with more complex tickets.


The Chatbot is used to provide customers with information about products sold by Nutricia.

Chaabi bank

Chaabi Bank uses the Chatbot to answer frequently asked questions.


Stedin uses the Chatbot to increase customer satisfaction by offering self-service. This allows customers to be helped much faster.

Easy Noise Control

Easy Noise Control uses the Chatbot to increase customer satisfaction and to reduce the number of customer service tickets.


The Chatbot of Bentacera provides an immediate and adequate answer to frequently asked questions 24/7.

Firm 24

The purpose of the Firm24 chatbot is to reduce the number of tickets. In this way, more attention can be given to customers with complex questions.


Tonzon uses the Chatbot to reduce the number of phone calls and increase customer satisfaction.

Vereniging Eigen Huis

The Chatbot helps customers familiarize themselves with the various products offered on the website. This helps customers more efficiently and digital customer service is further optimized.


The purpose of the chatbot of Koopjesdrogisterij is to be available to customers 24/7

Rondvaart Leiden

The Chatbot of Rondvaart Leiden is used to handle general questions, so more time can be invested in more complex customer questions.


The Chatbot can channel recurring questions to the correct answer more easily, leaving our intermediaries more time for personal conversations.

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst

The Chatbot gives the possibility to efficiently assist the customer with the most common questions regarding immigration.


Chatbot Lies helpt u om gemakkelijk een vrijblijvende leaseadvies aan te vragen voor een zakelijke leasen.


De Chatbot wordt ingezet om vragen via mail, chat en telefoontjes te reduceren zodat er meer tijd is voor de specifieke vragen.


The Chatbot is used to capture general questions so that employees can spend more time on customer questions that are more complex.

Siefkes Vastgoed

The Chatbot from Siefkes Vastgoed is used to facilitate visitors in making choices to find a suitable home.


The Italian AISlogic uses the chatbot to automate FAQ questions and to help customers with their technology and services.


The chatbot of Gigantischbv is implemented to reduce phone calls and email. An additional goals is to increase accessibility for customers.


The Chatbot can help visitors easily and quickly with complex topics. If he cannot find a solution, he will forward the question to the customer service team.


The Chatbot can help visitors 24/7 with general questions, giving the customer service more time for personal contact with customers and partners. uses the Chatbot to automatically answer as many questions as possible.


Liftinstituut uses the Chatbot to take customer service to the next level.

Klap B.V.

The chatbot is able to support customers in an innovate way about difficult matters concerning insurance.


Lab21 generates leads via the Chatbot to invite to the showroom.


Chatbot Eva helps you with all your questions regarding Day-care Nummereen.

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