Artifical intelligence chat bots for your website 

Reply quickly and adequately to customer question with your own chat bot. Creating a unique moment of contact. Stimulate sales with the ultimate customer experience

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Improving customer service together

Hundreds of companies throughout the Netherlands already have a better customer service by Watermelon.

Swiss Sense

Swiss Sense can help their customers faster with our chatbot.

Vet Fit

The chat bot for television program Vet Fit helps you lose weight or become a fitter version of yourself.


Talpa uses our platform for multiple concepts.


Find your dreamjob with chat bot Vera of Randstad!

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Study Buddy

Let chatbuddy help you with your order or other questions you might have!

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SPF Beheer

Chat bot Annemiek helps website visitors with their pension fund.

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Chat bot Eva helps you with all questions regarding children daycare Nummereen.


Find the perfect vacancy with chat bot Tim!

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Would you like to know which mattress is a great fit for you? Ask the chat bot for advice!


Arrange your transportation to your favorite party with the chat bot of Partyvervoer!

DJ Robin Producties

DJ Robin uses Watermelon to efficiently handles inquiries for performances.

Alphabet Private Lease

Chat bot Lies helps you to find the best lease deal!

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The chat bot helps you with requesting the right payment.

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Afstudeerbegeleider helps you to graduate and uses Watermelon to communicate through all channels!

SOA Aids Nederland

With the SoaSeksCheck you can easily check if you have to go to your GP.

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DG Rubber

DG Rubber was founded in 1993 and is specialized in PVC and rubber products.