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Build your own digital colleague in 5 easy steps. Respond immediately and 24/7 to customer questions and create unique contact moments. Add a Watermelon chatbot to your team today!

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Easily automate customer service

Get Watermelon to start using a smart Chatbot that can respond to customers 24/7. Think of it as a digital team member that never gets sick or takes a vacation. Your Chatbot will automatically transfer the conversation to an available employee when the customer requests it. Use a Chatbot for the following business objectives:

Increase conversion 

Chatbot-Gebruikgemak-icon-Watermelon Relieve pressure from service team

Avoid extra manpower


Connect all your channels

Connect Watermelon to the most popular social media channels and your own website. Our software will walk you through the process step by step. Your new digital team member can get to work right away.

All chats in one clear dashboard

Our Chatbot Management Platform shows you all incoming chats in one dashboard. The dashboard shows all incoming messages from all your channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and/or CXHub. This includes both chatbot conversations, as well as conversations being had by employees. Your team is working from one window, meaning you can respond quicker and more efficiently.


Easy to use, build and publish today

We get it, not everyone’s a programmer. When you build a chatbot with Watermelon, you don’t need to do any coding! Create your own digital colleague in 5 easy steps! Publish your chatbot online in just a few minutes. The Watermelon dashboard is set up so you can add knowledge to your chatbot by filling in questions and and answers as text. It’s never been easier to build and publish your own custom chatbot!


Professional support

With Watermelon you are never alone. Our dedicated customer success team is always ready to help! We want all our customers to be able to build and use the best possible chatbot and we are delighted to support you in this process. Once you start using Watermelon, we’ll meet you for a kick-off. While there we discuss the goals and we will make a great start on your chatbot!

Some of our satisfied customers

Here are some of the amazing companies that are using who have strengthened their team with a digital colleague.


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