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We’re ambitious, committed and focused on results. Our driven team and innovative product helps companies across the world make customer service better, fast and more fun. Melons communicate open and honestly, that’s a key part of what makes us successful. We celebrate our success as a team!

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Our values

Teamwork makes the dream work. Every teammate is a Melon, the symbol of our core values.

Watermelon team

Simply focus on results

Setting challenging, ambitious goals as a team brings us further than we’d go alone. We rally and bring the best out of each other when we’re focused on achieving something great. All hands on deck to get where we need to go. We’re consistently delighted with the outcome of collaboration when we keep it simple and are all aligned to working towards a result. Results are rewarded and we celebrate these wins together.

Watermelon team

Think and act like an entrepreneur

‘It wouldn’t surprise me if eventually 80% of the Melons that work here now eventually started their own companies.’ We’re a startup that is fueled by people who think like a startup: masters of their own destinies, networkers extraordinaire. Progressive and bold. You’ll find that entrepreneurial spirit in every Melon. Our founders share the sentiment and support new journeys. Did you know two former Melons joined forces in a joint venture, and that many melons have a passion project outside of work? Bas distributes his own champagne brand online; Charlotte is a well-known local illustrator. Room to thrive in our passions gives us energy to do more!

Watermelon team

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Sometimes things go haywire - it’s how you approach the situation and ask for feedback from others that leads to learning. Letting the entire office go up in flames isn’t what we’re talking about. Imagine you leave your desk to grab a cup of coffee in the kitchen and you don’t lock your screen because ‘you’ll be back in a minute’. Think twice. You sit down to find a love poem you’ve penned to all your colleagues on Slack. We’re playful in helping each other understand how to do better next time and stay in control.

Watermelon team

Listen, and ask questions

Every Melon believes that direct communication gets us further, faster. You know what you’re doing, what’s going well and what can be improved. Again, focusing on a goal aligns our feedback. Show us who you are and we’ll tell you what we think and feel. Oftentimes listening is an even more important skill than doing.

Watermelon team

Treat the customer like your best friend

Look in the mirror: who are your friends? After you think about recent memories and a series of bad, almost-too-funny jokes, you’ll probably remember a time where you had each other’s backs. When you were going through it and someone was there to listen. When you did that amazing thing and someone pushed you even further. When you got that thoughtful birthday card. Those are the moments we remember. We believe going above and beyond for each other and our customers makes all the difference in the world. We’re here for you, professionally!

Watermelon team
Watermelon team
Ready, set, grow!

As a real go-getter Fatima makes her ambitions clear. She just started as marketingmanager at Watermelon and she has big plans!

Watermelon team
Results, that’s what counts

As a developer at Watermelon, Thierry is always up for a challenge. The constant improvements, and commitment to excellence always keep Thierry on his toes.

Are you one in a Melon?

Do you think you can add value to our business? Think you might be ready to be a Melon? We’d love to meet you!

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